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Comprehensive Wealth Management

At The Sterling Group, everything begins with a plan. Whether you are an individual or a couple, a business owner or an organization, you have circumstances that are unique. That's why your financial plan, if created by The Sterling Group, will be personalized Fee-based financial planning means you pay a fixed fee for the time, effort, and experience used when we create your financial plan. In some cases, we complement the efforts of your existing team of professional advisors. In other cases, we start the process anew, orchestrating all the professional resources needed to create your comprehensive financial plan. Once that plan is delivered as a written document, you may retain us to assist you in implementing it, or you can choose to implement it through other financial professionals.

For high net worth individuals, the process of planning is crucial. Many sophisticated wealth management strategies require complex, interlocking financial arrangements, executed in the correct order, and at a precise time. Properly executed, such strategies can have a solid impact on the final result.

A lot goes into a financial plan, and not all of it is dollars and cents. A financial plan is a snapshot of your personal circumstances and your goals for the future. Our success comes not just from our financial knowledge, but from our understanding of who our clients are, and what they want.

Planning is the process used to work toward your goals. Wealth, and its growth, provides the opportunity to pursue those goals. Planning makes it possible.

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