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When it comes to implementing your plan, our investment management team is your first and foremost asset. By retaining The Sterling Group to bring your financial plan to fruition, you gain a tightly coordinated team of professionals. We work as a unit to evaluate your goals, and then constantly review your investment plan to make certain that it remains aligned with your current circumstances and future needs.

This is true comprehensive wealth management. It's providing you with the confidence of being able to pursue your financial goals, because your investment planning is our business—our only business. We monitor your portfolio daily, so you can do what you want— today, tomorrow, and a decade or more from now.

There is both art and science to creating a portfolio tailored to your selected strategy. Through our alliance with LPL Financial, we can select from a wide array of investment vehicles–stocks, options, fixed income securities, mutual funds, real estate investment trusts, exchange traded funds, and in certain situations more complex or specialized instruments such as hedge funds, high yield debt, and managed futures. Within each investment class, we identify the specific resources that will make up our clients' portfolios. We reach our decisions using a wide range of analytical tools, including input from LPL Financial independent analysts.

No matter how carefully and correctly investments are chosen, we believe a portfolio must be actively managed in order to respond to changes in markets, economic conditions, tax laws, and your personal circumstances. Effective investment management is a process that requires a judicious balancing of risk and reward, done with the knowledge that the goal lies years or decades in the future.

Our investment philosophy is decidedly long-term. Our calm, measured approach is supported by our belief that over the long term, a consistent strategy that is meticulously followed can provide opportunity for a potentially positive return on your investment.

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