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Michelle Mendez

Michelle Mendez

Compliance Associate

I have been with The Sterling Group since 2020.  As an Administrative Assistant, I am mainly responsible for the firm’s compliance, but I also help with other tasks and projects behind the scenes. I am fortunate to say that my co-workers are my friends too.

Born and raised in LA, I currently live in Altadena, in the foothills of the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains. I’m a part-time real estate investor, tennis player, novice hiker and movie fan. My best job of all is Mom to two great adults and two naughty dogs. My kids are Pilar and Diego. Maisy and Miso are my Frenchie and Korean Jindo.

I’m not fond of the designated hitter, cooking, The Beach Boys or the Oxford comma. Whenever I travel, I seek out pressed penny machines and Tiki bars. I haven’t decided if the squeeze bunt or the triple is the most exciting play in baseball. I’m always happy to find a Rummikub game. Viewing a starling murmuration and Centre Court seats at Wimbledon are at the top of my Wish List.